About Us

I am married to my wonderful husband of 22 years. We have two wonderful children, Colton (19) & Whitney (17 1/2). Mark works full time for Ahlstrom Filtration in Taylorville & I run a full time daycare in our home. Check back for updates on our family!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WHAT A SURPRISE (to us all)!

What a surprise we all had last night....the motorcycle gang decided we'd throw a surprise party for Doug. We are waiting for Doug to get home from deer hunting. Hannah & Nancy are in the living room also waiting while the rest of us are hiding out in their bedroom closet. So, Doug comes home & finally after talking with Nancy for a few minutes heads back to the bedroom/bathroom. Jim is on the floor waiting so he can grab Doug's ankle to scare him. Jim manages to grab the ankle & Doug tries spining around to get away & he kinda takes off for the other side of the bed, but he can't move, but we all can see him. Doug then looks down at himself & yep, you guessed it...there's Doug in his underwear!!! Oh, how funny & how embarrassing for all of us. We have laughed & laughed & laughed. Doug will never forget this birthday & neither will any of us. Nancy really didn't have time to stop him or if she did, she just let him go on like this as to really have him surprised! Notice in the picture that Jim is on the floor & Doug walks in & Jim's hat is covering up Doug. Oh, how funny....we are all still laughing.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Meet Ginger!

This is Ginger.....
alright, actually it's Nancy Miller. She had to dress up as "Ginger" from Gilligan's Island for school today. She makes a good "Ginger."

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Surprise!

This is a picture of our good friend, Rob, sitting on our porch on Halloween night trying to scare the trick or treaters. We called Jim & Rhonda to come down & Jim had the tar scared out of him by Rob. Jim about went through the wall of the house trying to get away. How funny!

More Friends

This is Donna. She's also a good friend of mine. She works & lives in Taylorville. We used to work together every day when I worked for the insurance company. Donna has such a big heart & would do anything for anybody.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This is Nancy. She is a very good friend to me. We have lots of fun times together. We share the same likes...
motorcycle riding, scrapbooking, & spending time with our family. This pic was taken of us last year.

My Mom

Here's a pic of my mom. This pic was taken at her surprise birthday party. She lives in Trowbridge, IL. She is in the process of selling her house & hoping to move to Pana. My Great Aunt Helen will also be moving with her as mom helps to take care of her. I can hardly wait for my mom to move here. I wish we could have been living in the same town 20 years ago. We've missed doing so much together with Mark working such long, odd hours & Mom living over that way. Oh well, now we can be together & take care of each other!

Mark's parents

Here is a picture of Mark's parents. They are both from the Pana/ Rosamond area. They have been married for 54 years. Virgil is retired from Beyers Construction in Pana. He now works part time at Grandpa's Hardware & spends time drinking coffee with his friends at the Rosebud. Shirley is a homemaker & likes working on her plastic canvas making neat things & spending time with her friends playing cards.